Create Bitcoin wallet

To receive and send Bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin Wallet (a digital wallet). A Bitcoin Wallet has several Bitcoin reception addresses.

A receiving address, you can compare your account number. However, the difference is that you want as many addresses as you receive, can create nothing. This article describes step by step how to create a Bitcoin wallet.

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A Bitcoin Wallet for creating

  1. Download copay for Mac  or Windows  and install the copay Bitcoin Wallet.
  2. Write the sentence on (12 words) and store it securely.

Congratulations! You now have a private Bitcoin Wallet.

Attention: copay is a Bitcoin wallet in which you are responsible themselves. If you lose your backup set, there is no customer service that can help you recover them. You have the freedom, but also the control and responsibility over your own Bitcoin Wallet.

Bitcoins in copay Wallet received

To get Bitcoins, left click down on the “receiving” field. There, the bitcoin receiving address is available in two forms. Once in the form of a QR code and the other in the form read more of numbers and letters. Such an address always starts with a 1 or a 3 and looks something like 15KJMT7hqauy3.

Your Bitcoin address automatically changes after a payment has been received. Make nevertheless not worry because old addresses are valid forever.

To avoid typos, it is to copy the easiest when buying Bitcoins the address and then insert it into the space provided. Once the Bitcoins were paid, they are immediately in your wallet.

Other security measures

You can extend the protection of your copay Bitcoin Wallet using your smartphone. For this you just need to press the top right of the gear, where they can “Request Authorization Code” between or “scan fingerprint” choose. If you select one of these options, the app asks you before sending Bitcoins for your password or your fingerprint.

Attention: Choose a secure password with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Write down the password and keep it safe. Remember that you need the password for each transaction.